Get the Goods on the Good Food Awards

The Good Food Awards is an annual awards ceremony and marketplace in San Francisco dedicated to celebrating just what it’s name implies: good food. Created by the Good Food Foundation (formerly Seedling Projects), a nonprofit founded by Sarah Weiner, the awards honor food crafters who bring forth authentic, responsible and most importantly--delicious food. With this years entries submitted, and the blind tasting fast approaching in September, food-lovers and producers alike are anticipating the results from this years Good Food Awards!

So what makes the food “good”?

The Good Food Awards don’t just commemorate food for tasting good, the product also has to do good. According to the criteria, all of the winners must give back to their community, use sustainable practices, and demonstrate respect for all involved parties. The food must also be made in the USA and without GM ingredients, artificial ingredients, hormones, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. While this may seem like an overwhelming amount of rules to follow, each one serves a purpose towards one consequential goal: to change how we think about food. By requiring all entrants to comply with a set guideline of rules, the Good Food Awards is setting a new standard for food in America.

To enter, food crafters fill out an online form by July 31st and send in samples for a blind tasting in September, where a committee of food producers and experts judge each category of food. The winners are then formally announced in mid-January, followed by the Good Food Awards Marketplace, which serves to showcase the winners’ food products. The Marketplace is a really great component to the awards, because it allows for the public to learn about what “good food” means and to taste the winning products. This simultaneously educates people about the value of ethically produced food, increases the number of consumers who appreciate that food, and introduces small-scale food producers to a broader audience.

Attracting consumers to “good food” comes with its challenges, mainly due to the higher price. Ethical values of food in most cases come at a significant cost, which can impair the “good food” niche or its introduction into larger markets. The Good Food Awards aids in this hurdle, by introducing small-scale products to a larger market. All award winners are included in national coverage within the Good Food Awards media network and are introduced to local and national buyers. They also receive a Good Food Awards seal, which can be displayed on their foods packaging or at their marketplace. This visual stamp of approval immediately attracts consumers to the product, and is a successful marketing tool for getting small food producers and farmers known throughout the county.

The Good Food Awards is a special event with a lasting influence on America’s food landscape. It successfully spreads the sustainable food movement by creating a platform for people to come together through a shared appreciation for good tasting and responsibly-made food. By celebrating small-scale food producers and farmers for caring about what goes into their product, the Good Food Awards inspires other food crafters to follow suit.

We’re looking forward to the results from this years Good Food Awards! Look out for the list of winners announced this January, and cheers to good food.

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